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Christmas Burlap Stockings

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A Christmas Stockings is an empty sock or sock-shaped bag that is hung on Saint Nicholas Day or Christmas Eve so that Santa Claus can fill it with gooddies, toys, candy, fruit, coins or other gifts when he arrives. Use of christmas Stockings stated from the biggning of the santa clause.

The story of "Three Impoverished Maidens" tells the tale of a father and his three daughters. Impoverished and destined for a life of struggle, the family's misfortune was brought to the attention of St. Nicholas. In an effort to help the family anonymously, St. Nick stopped by the family's home in the middle of the night and dropped gold into the home via a window. The daughters awoke to find the gold, which had landed in the Stockingss they had hung above the fireplace to dry. From this point on, children would hang their Stockingss above the fireplace in hopes that St. Nicholas would bring them gifts. Thus a tradition was born that lives on to this day.

Over the years, however, the design of the Christmas Stockings evolved into the size and shape that we are all familiar today. The Stockingss we're now accustomed to are much more accommodating for the treats and gifts that will fit in on Christmas morning. With this transition also came the practice of personalizing a Stockings for every member of the family. Nothing tops off a collection of Christmas decorations like a personalized Christmas Stockings! Christmas Stockingss have also become a way to show off your personality and what makes you unique.