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Jute Wine Bottle Bags, Jute Bottle Bags, Jute Wine Bags

We are leading manufacturer & exporter of reusable Jute Wine Bottle Bags in India. Jute Wine Bottle bags are made of Laminated eco-friendly natural jute. This jute bag is made of High-quality jute Fabric. It's Safe, Non-toxic, No Harm to Human Body, Eco-friendly, Wear-Resistant, Durable, and Long-lasting. The inner side of jute wine bottle bag is laminated, which makes the Bag durable, waterproof and lightweight. Beautiful Multi-color Natural look, Suitable to carry 2 Liter bottle inside in a single bottle bag, 2 bottles in double Jute Wine Bottle bag, 3 bottles in a three Jute Wine Bottle bag and so on till 6 bottles. Beautiful Strong Jute wine bottle Bags with High Quality, Trendy Awesome looking Jute wine bottle Bags, Excellent quality. Jute fiber is 100% bio-degradable and decomposable. The bags have carry handles. The interior of these bags is laminated for extra strength and are made with excellent quality stitching for durability. Multipurpose Jute Wine Bottle bag that can be used as a water bottle or for presenting gifts. Perfect for keeping water bottles for day Trips. Protects the bottles nicely. We can customize these Jute Wine Bottle bag according to the needs of our customers. We can change the size of the Jute Wine Bottle bag, can print the logo, can make any Jute Wine Bottle bag according to your requirements.