Jute Bags India
Jute Bags India

Wholesaler / Stockist / Distributor / Dealer / Agent Enquiry Form

Jute Bags Wholesaler :
If you have big business setup and good sales network, and want to start jute bag business with us, you can be our wholesaler for that state and all the retail enquires would be diverted to you to make sale for resellers, your contact detail also forward to our business network. Please submit contact form with wholesale option and your details. We would contact you and provide you all details.

Jute Bags Stockist :
We always looking for stockist for our business for new areas. Stockist is the company/person who keeps the stock on behalf of the company. Gets fix margin for keeping it. Its like a warehouse for company. Its job is to bill the product as per the money received from the distributor, supply it to to distributor using a transporter. If you want to stockist of our bags you can send contact form.

Jute Bags Distributor :
You can be our distributor if you have sales expriance you have to sales on behalf of the company distribute the products in market to retail outlet in the designate area for him. You provides our schemes or discount to retailers, consumer promotions to retailers on behalf of company. You hires sales man who goes to market, take orders, supply is done next day on specific routes.

Jute Bags Dealer :
Dealer is the General store from where consumers purchase products according to their needs. These are everywhere in every locality around us. All the retailers gets a fix margins on all our jute bag products. There are trade schemes which are operated in market, which are operated to provide higher margins to retailer on buying a certain quantity.

Jute Bags Agent :
You can be agent/merchant who point out a potiontial buyer or you preapre a buy/sell deal on the behalf of the company, you will get your fair commission on the basis of the order/deal.