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Christmas Burlap Bags

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Christmas Burlap Bag
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38 W X 35 H X 18 G cm
Jute with lamination
Cotton padded handle
200 pcs.
Biodegradable Christmas Burlap Bags are an increasingly popular choice for people who love Christmas but also care about protecting the environment. With these bags, even if you're a fervent lover of all things Christmas, you can still give gifts without sacrificing sustainability.
Burlap is a versatile material made from the fibers of the jute plant. It is a strong, lightweight, and completely biodegradable material that has numerous uses in crafting and packaging. The material is also incredibly strong and can even easily support heavier items.
When it comes to Christmas, burlap bags are the perfect way to wrap gifts. Not only are they fully biodegradable thanks to the lack of synthetic materials, but they look stylish and seasonal, too. The natural light beige colour of burlap ensures your gift stands out even more against red and green backgrounds.
Christmas Burlap Bags are the popular item among the people who like to use Eco friendly Christmas Burlap Bags on christmas time. We are leading manufacturer & exporter of Christmas Burlap Bags in Delhi, India. We make our Christmas Burlap Bags from biodegredable jute fabrics with Santa Claus & Merry Christmas imprinting. Since we are manufacturer so we are able to provide you customized Christmas Burlap Bags as per your choice.

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