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Christmas Burlap Bag

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Christmas Burlap Bags

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Red Christmas Burlap Bags
Product Code:
38 W X 42 H X 18 G cm
Natural or any PMS colour
Jute with lamination
Cotton padded handle
500 pcs.
Red Christmas burlap bags are a modern yet traditional way to decorate for Christmas. Whether you use them to give generous gifts or use them as a stunning backdrop in your house, these bags will make sure that you create a warm and inviting atmosphere during the holidays. The amazing thing about red burlap bags is that you can find them in any size and shape you want, enabling you to create the exact look and feel that you want to achieve.
From Santa sacks to table decorations, the possibilities are endless with red Christmas burlap bags. If you are making a gifting table, the burlap bags will look absolutely stunning when you fill them up with a variety of toys and wrapped presents. They can also be a great way to store other holiday decor items like Christmas tree ornaments and stockings. You can even use them as decorations for the mantelpiece or windows host of other decorations.
In addition to being stylish and fashionable, burlap is also environmentally friendly. It is made using plant-based materials, and it is easy to reuse and recycle. Best of all, red burlap bags can last for many Christmases to come, if they are stored properly. You can fill them with a variety of goods, putting them out year after year for a special holiday decor.

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