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Oil Cloth Bags

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OilCloth Bags
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38 W X 35 H X 18 G cm
Natural or any PMS colour
Cotton / Canvas Fabric
with Top Lamination
Cotton padded handle
500 pcs.
Oilcloth bags are popular among eco-conscious consumers, and for good reason. They're durable, waterproof, and most importantly, sustainable. But what exactly are oilcloth bags, and how can they benefit you?
Oilcloth bags are essentially canvas bags coated in a layer of oiled linen fabric. This coating gives the bags their all-important waterproof feature while providing a beautiful and unique look. The material is also incredibly durable, allowing you to use your oilcloth bag for years without worrying about wear and tear.

Most oilcloth bags also boast a stylish and vibrant design, which makes them the perfect choice for a stylish shopping experience. Unlike normal canvas bags, most oilcloth bags have vibrant and durable designs that will stay looking great for years to come. Plus, the water-resistant nature of the fabric makes it great for storing items that may get wet in the rain.

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