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Jute Macrame Hobo Bag
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38 W X 35 H X 18 G cm
Cotton handle
250 pcs.
Jute Macrame Hobo Bag is the perfect combination of modern styling and old-school craftsmanship. While it has the same slouchy, comfortable vibe of a classic hobo bag, the macrame exterior adds an extra touch of chic. Whether you prefer a simple one-tone macrame or a bright, multi-colored design, these hobo bags are sure to make a statement.
But not only are jute macrame hobo bags stylish - they're sustainable too. Macrame is made with cotton thread, which is naturally biodegradable. And unlike mass-manufactured bags, macrame items are made by hand with lots of love and attention to detail. Plus, most macrame artisans are small, independent businesses, so you'll feel good knowing your purchase is supporting an ethical company.
But let's not forget the practical options macrame hobo bags bring. Cotton thread makes for a lightweight, durable material. This means your bag will easily hold all your essentials without feeling bulky. And if you tend to spill things often, you won't have to worry. Cotton thread is easily machine-washed for easy cleaning.
So if you're looking to make a statement with your fashion choices, you may want to consider a macrame hobo bag. Not only do these bags look fashionable - they're eco-friendly too. Plus, their light-weight material makes them ideal for carrying around all your essentials. So go ahead and give macrame a try - you won't regret it!

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