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Jute Lunch Bags

Product Category:
Flower Printed
Jute Lunch Bags
Product Code:
40 W X 35 H X 15 G cm
Natural or any PMS colour
Insulated Material
Tape handle
200 pcs.
Flower printed jute lunch bags are the latest craze in the fashion industry. Their lightweight, eco-friendly design makes them both stylish and practical for everyday use. These bags can be used to carry your lunch, snacks, and other essentials, making them ideal for a variety of purposes. Jute lunch bags are made from natural fibers that are lightweight and strong, making them perfect for daily use. They have a unique woven pattern which gives them a unique look, as well as providing extra support and durability to ensure you don't worry about spillages or breakages. The flower printed jute lunch bags come in a range of bright, vibrant colors, which makes them a great way to express your personality. These bags don't just come in one pattern. You will be able to find a variety of patterns to choose from, including polka dots, stripes and floral designs. This way, you can pick the one that best matches your style!

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