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Jute Drawstring Bags

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Jute Drawstring Bags
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30 W X 35 H cm
PMS colour
Jute Fabric without lamination
500 pcs.
A potli jute drawstring bag is a traditional bag that is made from jute, a coarse and durable vegetable fiber. This bag is lightweight and highly durable. It is usually fastened with a drawstring that enables it to be carried securely, and is also an ideal choice for carrying heavier items. It's an affordable way to reduce the use of plastic and keep negative environment plastics to a minimum.
Not only are potli jute drawstring bags extremely durable, but they also come with a range of amazing benefits. For starters, they are a great option for carrying groceries from the store. Not only are they lightweight and easy to carry, but they are also reusable, meaning you can use them over and over again without having to buy new bags each time.
Another great benefit of potli jute drawstring bags is that they are extremely breathable. This means that your groceries and other items will remain protected and last longer, due to the bag's breathability. Jute bags are also 100% biodegradable, so you can be sure that you are not leaving a large environmental footprint with these bags.
Potli jute drawstring bags are also very easy to maintain and clean. All you need to do is spot clean with some soap and warm water. They can be air-dried or lightly wiped with a dry towel and they are good to go.

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