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Cooler Carry Bags for Hot and Cold

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Cooler Carry Bags for Hot and Cold

Product Category:
Cooler Carry Bags
for Hot and Cold
Product Code:
40 W X 35 H X 15 G cm
Natural or any PMS colour
Insulated Material
Tape handle
200 pcs.
Cooler carry bag is a specially designed container which keeps vegetables and fruits cold and hot, maintains the right temperature to keep them from spoiling.
The cooler carry bag has a set of insulated walls which help to reduce the heat and maintain cooler temperatures inside the bag. This ensures that the vegetables remain fresh and free from spoilage or bacteria during the journey. The bags also come in various sizes and shapes, designed to meet the needs of different kinds of vegetables, fruits, and other food items.
The cooler carry bag also helps in keeping the vegetables from being damaged during transport or storage. The soft interior of the bag helps to keep the vegetables safe while the cooler temperature reduces the chances of the vegetables getting squashed and damaged. The zipper seal also helps to keep out air and humidity, further ensuring the vegetables and fruits are safe while in the bag.

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