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Wine color Jute Beach Bags with leather handle

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Printed Jute Beach Bags

Product Category:
Jute Beach Bags with
leather handle
Product Code:
52w X 43h X 18g cms
Printed Fabric
Jute Fabric with lamination
Leather handle
200 pcs.
Gone are the days when beach bags were made from pretty little fabrics and colorful straw mats. Today is the age of eco-friendly jute bags that can add oomph to your beach look. Jute is a naturally grown plant fiber that provides strength, durability, and beauty in its designs.
Wine color jute beach bags with leather handle are the latest trend in beach bags. They combine classic style with eco-friendly fabrics for an updated look. The wine color jute bag features a natural jute exterior with accent details in leather. The genuine leather handles are comfortable to carry making it an ideal bag for carrying all your beach essentials.
The bag isn't just stylish but also eco-friendly. Jute is biodegradable and recyclable which means it won't harm the environment when it eventually wears out. The internal lining is also made from recycled materials. Not only will it look great but you'll also be helping the environment with this purchase.
The wine color jute bags with leather handle have plenty of room inside for all your beach essentials. The internal lining is waterproof making it suitable for carrying wet clothing and swimming wear. It also features outer pockets for easy access to items like sunscreen and sunglasses.
Whether you're at the beach or shopping in the city these wine color jute beach bags with leather handle are the perfect accessory for your summer wardrobe. The natural jute is stylish and eco-friendly and the leather handles provide a classic touch. With plenty of room inside and outer pockets, you'll be sure to look and feel great with this wine color jute beach bag.

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