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Velvet Gift Pouches

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Velvet Gift Pouches
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15 W X 22.5 H cm
Blue colour
Velvet Fabric
500 pcs.
Velvet gift pouches are the perfect way to elegantly package a gift. Not only are they beautiful and luxurious, but they also provide an extra layer of protection to a delicate item or a special item that's meant to last a lifetime.
Velvet gift pouches are becoming more popular as gifts. They come in almost any color imaginable from soft blues and staying to bold jewel tones. They can also be unique in the way they are designed, adorned with stylish details like tassels, beads, and intricate embroidery. They range from ones with draw strings to ones with a closure. In addition to their luxurious looks, velvet pouches provide an incredible way to protect the gift inside, luxurious fabrics hug around the item and keeping it securely closed.
Velvet gift pouches can be dressed up further with a custom liner inside the pouch. Personalized ribbon gives a gift pouch an extra special touch as well as matching or contrasting ribbon to the velvet color of the pouch. Small tags with personalized messages add a one-of-a-kind flare while paper inserts can provide further information or a thoughtful message to the recipient.
Velvet gift pouches can be used to package almost any type of present. Jewelry, home decor items, small electronics, and other small items are great candidates for this type of packaging. It can even be used for multiple small items such as an office stationery set. If there are multiple items, the pouch can be lined with tissue paper to separate the items and add even more detail to the gift.
Velvet gift pouches are a thoughtful and luxurious way to the package a gift. They can be dressed up with an abundance of options to make the gift unique, while also providing an extra layer of protection and security.

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