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Cotton Calico Bags

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Cotton Calico Bags
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38W X 42H cm
Cotton Fabric
Cotton Handle
500 pcs.
One of the best options for sustainable and efficient use is the biodegradable cotton bag. Cotton bags are an ecosystem-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable solution for carrying goods when shopping. Calico bags are Eco Friendly Cotton Bags can be use as Shopper
Using cotton bags is quickly becoming a popular way to reduce the environmental impact of plastic bags. Cotton bags are an attractive, affordable and advantageous choice as compared to plastic and paper bags. Cotton is totally biodegradable when disposed of correctly. With a lifespan of 300 uses per bag, cotton bags can provide much more value than plastic or paper bags.
Cotton bags also have other great advantages. They are strong, reusable, eco-friendly and also quite affordable, since they can often be bought in bulk for a low price. They can be printed with attractive designs, logos, or slogans in order to promote a company or message.

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