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Jute Bags India
Jute Bags India
Canvas Fashion Bags

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Geometric Print Canvas Bags

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Geometric Print Canvas Bags
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Natural, colour, Printed
Canvas Fabric
500 pcs.
Geometric print canvas bags also feature stylish designs inspired by nature. Earthy designs such as faux bois, trees, and florals are common, making them a great choice for nature lovers. Additionally, Geometric print canvas bags are often printed with affirmation sayings and inspiring messages, so you can make a statement every time you go out.
We are manufacturer and exporter of Geometric print canvas bags is suitable for women canvas bags, canvas shopping bag, canvas tote bags, canvas promotional bags, canvas gift bags, low cost canvas bags. This canvas promotional bag can be personalised with your logo. These canvas bags can be made with 8oz canvas fabric, 10oz canvas fabric, 12Oz canvas fabric, 14Oz canvas fabric, 16Oz canvas fabric, 18oz canvas fabric and logo or any message can print or embroidered on bags.

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