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We undertake only wholesale orders and thus are able to offer excellent prices. It must be appreciated that on smaller quantities, the shipping and handling costs become unaffordable for both us and our clients.

We will send you an exact quote with shipping when you inquire with us. Please remember to send as much details as possible.

Most important please mention the quantities. Also, any artwork is required to be printed or embroidered, please send it across.

We also undertake custom designing for large quantities. We would be pleased to develop bags for you according to your budget. So, whatever may be your budget, we always have some surprise for you. All you need to do is just tell us what you would like, the quantities, and the budget.

Our prices are quoted FOB New Delhi, India in USD. We can also quote in other international currencies on request.

For more details regarding you specific enquiry, or email at sales@jutebagsindia.com


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